How to conquer SEO challenges – 2020 Guide

It takes a single moment to destroy an entire empire you built!

Similarly, when you create a website and gain huge traffic, losing that can cost you a significant loss of resources and time!

These days there are many SEO challenges that website owners and professionals face. This article talks about the major SEO challenges people face when they change their domain names.

We all know that domain is the foundation of a website and is permanent, but many people opt for changing their domains even after getting a good public response.

Here are some of the reasons why people switch domain names:

Old fashion

Many website owners feel that their domain name needs a change with time. Therefore, they prefer choosing a domain with a trendy name that can attract more customers.

  1. Performance issues

This is one of the significant facts contributing and forcing website owners to change their domain. When a domain fails to perform well, many people opt for another to avoid further business loss.

  1. Decrease in cost

Many times; budding companies often opt for a reputed domain name that can cost a fortune!

However, when they do not get an excellent public response, they try to cut down the domain cost, so they opt for a new domain, which is affordable and can represent their brand.

  1. Improve user experience

Few e-commerce owners prefer shortening their domain URL structure to help customers navigate with ease. Hence, they prefer changing their domains.

  1. Switching business

Another key reason to choose a new domain name is that owners decide to make a shift in their business for better profits.

What are the Major SEO challenges that you can face due to domain shift?

  1. Diversion of website traffic

There are many chances that you might lose your website traffic after you switch to another domain. This happens because customers get accustomed to visiting the old domain, and a sudden shift might confuse them.

  1. The decrease in SEO rankings

When you try to enable your website to score a high rank in search engines, you use SEO oriented content and keywords. Therefore, when you shift your domain, there are chances that your website will lose its previous rankings due to the loss of some SEO content.

  1. Loss in domain authority

This is an indisputable fact!

When you lose your customers, you can find a nosedive in your domain authority, which is not a very positive fact.

  1. Zero visibility

Usually, when you choose to quit an old domain and migrate to a new one, it takes time for the search engines to send Meta bots for indexing. Even if you use highly SEO optimized content in the new domain, it will still cost you a lot of time to see visible results.

  1. The harm in backlinks

It is common to use backlinks to gain more customers. Transferring those backlinks to a new domain and then optimizing the content as per SEO trends can consume a significant amount of time. In the meantime, customers might lose interest, and you can lose money.

  1. Duplication issues

Starting your SEO efforts and producing quality content from scratch can make you prone to content duplication in the new domain. Therefore, it is essential for you to protect your new domain from third party spams.

How can you conquer these SEO challenges?

  1. Creating sitemaps

Creating sitemaps for your new domain and submitting it to the search engines can be a good way of adding to your SEO efforts. These sitemaps can act as a guide for both the users or Meta bots and help in your domain discovery process.

  1. Following search engine procedures

Every search engine offers a guide (complete procedure) of shifting domains to help users do this task. Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of domain migration strictly to avoid complications.

  1. Make it clear

Make it a point to notify your customers about the shift in a domain either through mail or through social media.

  1. Include a redirect link

The best way to save your SEO efforts is to insert a domain-redirecting link that will help your visitors to find your new domain.

  1. Install tools

One of the effective ways to conquer SEO challenges is to install tools and plug-in to support domain migration. Many experts can provide you affordable SEO packages and guidance so that you do not lose much traffic.

  1. Regular monitoring

Ensure that you monitor the domain shifting process regularly to avoid future problems. If you notice any discrepancies, make sure you use webmaster tools for troubleshooting.


The best way to gain visitors is to optimize your content using SEO oriented keywords and tools. However, you need to put an extra effort into establishing good domain authority and to see better SEO results.


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