Good Content l Why Your Content Is Not Trending

Trending blogging content is so difficult because there has been a lot of competition in the past few years in the field of blogging. So, there are many well-known bloggers who are also trying their hand to rank their content. We all know that in the field of blogging the content is the king. If you have good content quality then you can earn a lot of money from online media. Well, to create good quality content is not a cup of tea. It takes lots of knowledge and effort. Many people do not contain proper knowledge of writing afterward start blaming others. Well, don’t worry because today we’re going to share with you some tips which help with the best content creation. But firstly let’s understand how content can rank on Google.

How the content rank?

Suppose you have a blog on food and here you suggest the people’s about the great and trending food recipes. Now you posted an article on how to make cupcakes. If someone type of Google about the recipe of cupcakes then google start searching the related content with the help of software name spiders. These spiders recommend the content if your content is the best of the other. Now, google place your content on the top of its page.

So, you know how Google works to promote your content. There is only one requirement for the content of your article. If you fulfill this quality requirement of Google then your article must be trending on the google page. Now, let’s discuss the content creation strategy for your content.

Good Content Creation

If you really want to trend your content on Google’s first page firstly you must have a good content creation strategy. If you didn’t write good content your content will never trend. Try to write better content than the present trending page. For ranking your content must contain at least 1000+ words. Many bloggers always write short articles. Well, if you have a news blog then this will but if you have an informative blog then you have to provide proper content with proper information so that the viewer gets all the answers to their question after reading your article.

Choose a good keyword

If you have just started blogging with a new blog don’t just try to grab highly competition keywords firstly try to work on such keywords that contain less competition. For checking the competition you can use paid tools like Ahref, Semrush, etc. There are many types of content so, You can use free tools like keyword tools, keyword everywhere, etc. The keyword is the essence of the content because the keyword is the main thing that people search and wanted to search on the online platform. So, make sure that you have a great keyword so, that you can write in a demanded form. This method is one of the best methods for the improvement of content.

Analyze the presently trending page

Analyzing the present trending page is a very good strategy that can help you a lot in trending your content. You can analyze their writing techniques and don’t forget to check how much backlinks do they require for trending for doing that Ahref and Semrush would be very beneficial for you. Well, many content creation companies also help you to improve your writing skills. You can also use many content marketing firms to identify the top trending pages on related subjects.  The analysis of trending pages provides you proper guidelines regarding the keywords. So, you can choose a good topic and keyword according to your niches and can write great and popular content. By analyzing the current trending pages you’re able to understand how you can write for your blog. So, this becomes very beneficial for you to create more traffic in your blogs.

Use Attractive and easy thumbnails for your blogs

“The first impression is the last impression”

Well, I hope that you listen to this word ever in life. This is a big truth that also helps a blogger to improve his content quality. The main reason for the failure of blogs and articles is that they don’t provide proper thumbnail and image for the subject of the article. The first thing of your article which a viewer sees is the thumbnail and thumbnail image. A proper thumbnail and front image attract the viewer to see your blog.

Increase the no. of posts monthly

If you post just 5-6 articles in a month then it’s not an impressive thing. I suggest you post your articles on every alternative day. If this becomes difficult for you then you can do what suits you but make sure your monthly posts affect your content quality.


So, here we discuss some really effective and reliable ways for content curation.


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