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Everyone knows that how much important for every business to be online nowadays. That’s why online marketing tools are much needed for any business person. A huge majority of your audience is active on all social media site or they are online on the internet. In the past we had internet but the accessibility was not able to anybody. 

Then social media comes in the place and now all the social media services companies are active to provide the best services for their clients. Now there are various free online competitor analysis tools in the digital world. 

Also, there are lots of alternatives for a single digital marketing tool so it is up to you to choose one that suits you. Or that gives you the best results.

If we talk about the prices of these online marketing tools then it is quite differences between all of them.

And the best fact is there are several free digital marketing tools as well. So you can use them for your business marketing. 

With the help of some online marketing tools, you can grow your business and generate 10X revenue in less time of period. 


SEO online marketing tools:

SEO is a process where you can generate more traffic on your website organically. And if we say in normal words then SEO is a kind of process where you can generate more sales without spending money. 

But it is not easy because as it is free then everyone wants to look for that. But with the help of some useful SEO online marketing tools, you can check your marketing growth. And as well as you can take decisions on the behalf of these online marketing tools.


Ubersuggest: This is the free online marketing tool for keywords research. Because it is good enough for keywords analysis so you can consider it as a free SEO online marketing tool. 

Here you can check your competitor’s keywords and their position. As well as you can find all relative and useful keywords to write content on your website. 

Once you write your keywords on the search bar then you will get all relative keywords and their monthly traffic. So it is quite good for your keywords research.


Keywords planner: This is another a free keyword research tool that governs by google itself. 

It same as other keyword research tools you need to put your on its search bar and you will get all maximum results. And because of its handling by google so it is a bit more reliable tool than others.

Normally google has the biggest share of any search result then we can say that Google is capable of giving quite similar data. We can not say it will give the exact volume of any keyword.


Ahrefs: In SEO online marketing tools it is the most popular tool. Basically, it is a keywords research tool and the benefit of this tool is it can provide the best relative keywords. Almost exact keywords.

Most of the digital marketers who work in SEO use this tool for better results. But it is not a free tool to use you need to pay for this. There is some limited free offer on this tool but after a week or a few days, you need to pay for this if you want to this. 


Google search console: Actually this is a necessary tool for every website if you run your website on Google search engine. You need to integrate Google Seach Console to your website. Otherwise, you can find difficulties to rank your website on the search engine.

Google Search Console is like a doctor of your website. Once you integrate both then you will get all information and recommendation regarding your website on Google search console. It will find all the problems on your website and suggest you fix them.

This tool is useful for other several works as well as you can check your keywords’ impressions, clicks, and CTR (click-through-rate). Also, it can show the position of your keywords. 

So these are some common features of this useful digital marketing tool. Once you use this you will get more to help your business.


Google analytics: This is another useful tool given by Google. It is responsible for collect user’s data and behavior with your website. How many visitors come into your website in a certain period of time, or how many pages they visited. All data is fetched by google analytics from your website.

Again you need to put the google analytics given code on your website and then you will get all the data of your users who land on your website.

Using this free online marketing tool is most useful for your business, no matter it is a huge business or small business.


MailChimp: A tool that can help you to send free emails for your potential clients. Email marketing can give you the best conversion ever. Because having someone’s emails is like you can connect with them particularly. You can communicate with your potential clients and try to convince them to buy your product and services.

Mailchimp gives you almost 2000 emails free after that you need to pay for that. And their automation is quite well so once you use these services you will definitely pay them for further services.


Canva: Canva is basically a graphic designing free tool, with the help of this tool you can edit images and videos. And you can use those for images for your blogs. As well as when you make ads for Facebook then you can make compelling images on canvas for your Facebook ad.

It gives you more varieties for creating a compelling image. Most of the features are free in this tool so you can use them for your business.


Pingdom speed tool: This tool is responsible for checking your website’s speed. If your website takes more seconds to load then Google can punish you by put your website down on the search engine.

So keep aware of this and check your website’s load time on this free tool. Also, it will give the suggestion to improve the website’s load time.

And if you want to outsource your social media marketing project, then we can help you to give you the best social media marketing services. We provide all kinds of online marketing services at affordable prices. We can help you to grow your business with our social media marketing expert team.


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