When it comes to online marketing both SEO vs SMO play their significant parts. Although they are different in many ways, people still like to choose one of these two services. According to them, investing in both the services is too costly. Well, before moving forward to the answer for which one of the two is more important, let’s know what they are.

What is SEO?

When you optimize your posts, content, or profile in order to appear high in the search engine result pages, it is called Search Engine Optimization. SEO also helps when someone searches for similar content or product that you offer. In this case, your content or product can be seen in the suggestions to the audience.

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization is similar to SEO but it helps when you are growing through social media platforms. Your online business growth, target audience, the best platform to share, and so on can be improved by the SMO services. It helps your social media presence to expand.

Now, as mentioned above, both SEO vs SMO play a similar role. However, it is important to understand that SEO works in a wider area and SMO is just a part of it. Another important fact is that SMO has a specific work of handling social media. Thus, it handles social media better and drives traffic from social media platforms to your website. Below are some of the key differences between SEO vs SMO.


  • SEO is the way that helps others to notice your business, whereas SMO is similar to marketing the business.
  • SEO improves the traffic drive on your site, whereas SMO leads to a stronger customer base by giving you a platform to interact with your audience.
  • SEO requires using the right keywords, title tags, meta description, and backlinks; whereas SMO includes posting, sharing, liking, and commenting in different groups and pages on social media platforms.
  • SEO is a long process, whereas SMO provides faster results.
  • SEO’s work is to get your content read by the engine spiders, whereas SMO’s content is specifically created for human readers.
  • SEO doesn’t really rely on a strong, trustworthy network line, whereas for SMO, networking and connections are highly important.

So, after pointing out the differences, let’s move on to the advantages of SEO vs SMO to evaluate which one is better.

SEO’s advantages to the Online Business


  • Helps in getting high-quality leads

Through SEO you can get target leads which can turn into conversions. SEO is a great source to attract an audience on a wider level. It can also be considered as the most important aspect to build your online business.

  • Can be mobile friendly

With constant changes in the lifestyle and trend, Google has announced to include mobile-friendly websites on higher ranks in the search engines. It provides you benefit as you can create a mobile-friendly website and get much-needed attention.

  • Provides better conversion rates

As said, SEO targets the audience to a wider extent which is why the conversion rate increases ultimately. It is a strategy which is planned according to your business and audience requirement. Thus, it helps in getting better results.

  • Good for business credibility

Having a good ranking in the search engines automatically makes your work look more credible. It makes a brand image and thus, the audience tends to have more faith in the services and products provided on your site.

  • Enhances online presence

SE0 works on keywords, meta descriptions, and backlinking which allows the web spiders to read your website. If your content is related to the search made by the audience, it puts you on the search result pages. This is how the basic SEO strategies help you to improve your online presence.

SMO’s advantages to the Online Business
  • Allows customer interaction

Social media is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to connecting with people. Thus, SMO also helps in building connectivity with your audience. You can know what is trending and what your audience needs by interacting with them.

  • Improves brand awareness

With connections and engagement with the audience, you can also spread awareness about your brand. There is no other medium where information spreads faster than social media.

  • Keeps your audience updated

You can make regular announcements or keep your audience updated about your new release or new project. This provides your audience a sense of connection and builds trust. All this can happen with the proper use of SEO services.

So, the above mentioned were some of the benefits of SEO vs SMO services. Even when both play similar roles, they are different online marketing strategies. Choosing one out of the two can become hard at times and thus, it is suggestable to use both. However, if it still feels like too much work or investment at the same time, look for the one that is more beneficial for your work.


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