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 If you are a blogger or digital marketer this article is only for you. Write a well-optimized guest post for SEO and users. With that, enhance other skills that will definitely increase your practice. However many people think that it is not a very difficult process. I am gonna tell you some easy points, everything you post on your site that will be a Search engine or SEO friendly. 


Title: Starting with the title is most important. You have to keep in your mind what the user is thinking while searching your keywords while doing SEO and keep yourself at the user’s place. 


Text format: writing the article on your blog you keep in your mind format of the text, should be simple with good readability.  


Headings: heading in the forehead of your article if you will not create the headings your article length can make bore to your user. Try to do something catchy, attractive, and interesting to your user so that he can spend his time on your site.  Also, it will decrease your site bounce rate. 


Paragraphs: A paragraph is a building block, without a paragraph you are not able to spread your information. The quality of your article depends on how long your user will stay on the site. Also, you need to make short paragraphs so that your user gets a space-able article with short sentences.  


Before sinking into the details, it is important to clarify two points lots of people find and get confused about. 


Make your blog SEO friendly and user friendly


If you think that blog is only optimized for engines then it will be very difficult to make users friendly. guest post for SEO Good SEO means, to post your content for users and for search engine friendly.


If you are not doing this that means you will not gonna get a higher ranking. And user stat ignoring your post which means you are out of your track.

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If you follow natural possess or maintain both criteria, your post will fly with a higher ranking in search engine and the user will spend his much time on your blog by that you will get engagement, comments, sharing, converting.    


Does (SEO) optimization is important for great content also


Actually not, let me explain how. 

Quality of the content is one of the most important part assessments for the post, if you just only want to make a post or you are very famous among you industry people then you no need to optimize your content.

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But when you publish great quality content or well-optimized blogs there are many chances to get a higher ranking in search engines but if you just publish good content there are limited chances to get ranking in search results. Because you are not the only one in the market who is working on the same subject. As you know in the digital marketing industry definitely you find someone who is more than you in writing. So if you are publishing the article SEO friendly and user friendly there are very few chances to get ranking in Google search. 


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