Different Types Of Backlinks

Backlinks in SEO are one of the most important parts that impact your website’s growth. Getting mentioned through backlinks within the content of other sites can prove to be a great achievement for your website. Although there are many types of backlinks, only a few of them are considered to be the best or good methods. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Editorial Backlinks

The best types of backlinks include Editorial Backlinks. As suggested by the name, editorial backlinks are related to the content mostly. There can be different reasons to be mentioned in the editorial backlinks.

It can be because of strong content created on your website that is linked to other sites. Other reasons include being the source of information, getting your interview published, or sharing the content that other sites want to talk about.

  • Business Profile Backlinks

Social media marketing can get connected in various ways. So, when you create a business profile, you can put the link of your website on that. This backlinking in SEO can specifically belong to the industry to provide you an advantage. 

Use well-known apps and other mediums for creating profiles where you can get the target audience. Create a high-quality profile to attract interested people and to drive more traffic.

  • Webinar Links

Another one of the best types of backlinks is Webinar Links. This happens when the content on your site is quality-wise worthy to be linked with. Usually, webinar recordings are highly valuable and other sites tend to link with the sites that offer them.

Put the webinar as a recording and promote your content so it can reach maximum people. The more audience it will attract, the more backlinks you will get.

  • Free tool Links

Backlinks for good SEO also include free tool links. This can be seen as a give and take process. In other words, to get a backlink mentioned on quality websites, provide the website with a valuable tool-free.

You can give paid versions of some tools in order to get the backlink mentioned. The only thing that is important here is that the tools must be important for other sites. Only then they will be able to keep their end of the bargain/deal.

  • Acknowledgment Backlinks

This type of backlinks is usually mentioned because of things related to sponsorship or when you have a relation to the other site. This backlinking process, as suggested by its name, is an acknowledgment mentioned on the website.

These links may or may not mention the website they are linking to. This kind of backlinking happens in the case of donations, contributions, or activities like these.

  • Guest post-Bio Backlinks

Guest Post Bio is another good idea for backlinking in SEO. What happens sometimes is that some sites don’t allow backlinking in their content or website. Rather than this, they allow the website link in the author’s bio.

It is obvious that this is not as great as putting a backlink in the main content but it is not a total waste as well. It can be proved effective with time and thus, it is one of the good backlinking techniques.

  • Badge Backlinks

A badge link is also considered a good way of backlinking your websites on other sites or brands. This is usually a  badge that you can create and give to other sites or brands as an award. 

This type of backlink can be seen on different sites or brands which are related to your website and you can link your website with the badge. It allows the audience who clicks on that badge to reach your website’s landing page.

  • Newsworthy Press Release Backlinks

Newsworthy Press Release Backlinks are one of the good backlinks in SEO services. It provides a faster and easier outcome, but make sure to use it properly. With these backlinks, the media can get alert about your new information that is worthy to be recorded. 

It is important to use these links only when your brand is sharing something new and worth the media’s attention. You can use services like PRWeb for these links and that will help reach various media outlets instantly.

  • Comment Backlinks

Comment Backlinks are another type of backlinks that can be used to get good results. When you put links in other people’s comment section that leads to your website, it is known as comment backlinks.

Although it has been abused by spammers nowadays, with good quality content and response you can use it. Make sure that the content you are putting is relevant to what the audience would like to see.

So, above mentioned are some types of backlinks that are good for promoting your website. These links help in different ways and are mentioned according to the role they play. All are good and effective but remember to use them effectively in order to get the maximum benefit.


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