3 Basic What’s That You Should Know About SEO Mistakes

It’s important to understand “what is SEO?”, in order to know the possible errors that you can make on your website. SEO is the short form for Search Engine Optimization, which is sufficiently explained by its name only.

It is a technique to optimize your website or online presence on social media platforms. It decides your search ranking on the result pages. Thus, SEO mistakes can really hamper your growth on social media. Below mentioned are some of the common mistakes that one can make. 

  • Missing analytics

A lot of website developers promise to provide you the traffic. But the question is that do you only need traffic or want conversion too? Well, if you are running a business then you must want to have some conversion through that traffic.

Therefore, make sure not to make the SEO mistake of not using the analytics to see the conversions. It helps you in evaluating the progress and to see which keywords are highly profitable to you. You can also keep a track of your website’s growth through this.

  • Ignoring local optimization

If your business is related to a particular geographical location, then it becomes an important step to optimize the Local SEO. A lot of beginners forget this step which leads to unnecessary hustle.

Optimizing local SEO  allows you to target the right audience by limiting the area. You can get a better conversion rate through it as well. So, don’t make this SEO error.

  • Forgetting to optimize the right keywords

Keywords can also be considered as one of the best SEO tools. Any mistake in it can bring a huge difference in the results. Hence, make sure not to commit any SEO mistakes in this context.

Optimize your content and website with the right keywords. Compare the keywords, see their volume, CPC, PD, and SD to choose the ones that go with your content.

  • Creating ordinary meta descriptions and titles

Everything that you use for your content, be it tags, meta description, or title, plays a wider role overall. Copy-pasting the tags from similar content doesn’t help most of the time. It is important to put some time into it.

Create meta descriptions and title tags that stand out from the crowd but are also relative to your content. Also, this is one of those SEO mistakes that you wouldn’t want to make.

  • Letting go of anchor text for internal links

While putting internal links, it is easy to forget to use anchor texts with them. However, remember that anchor text plays an important role. It works like CTAs, which are important to remind the audience what they need to do.

Not using anchor texts is one of the common SEO mistakes that people make. Taking these small steps lightly will make adding the links a waste of time. 

  • No change in the anchor text

There are many SEO mistakes that can be made while using anchor texts. Understand the fact that not only using the anchor text is important, but making it different is also a step.

If you will use the same anchor text with all your internal links, you will be ending up missing the google algorithms. This can impact your overall hard work as well.

  • Prioritizing link quantity

When on a social media platform, understand that it is quality that is more important and not the quantity. It is because the quality goes for a longer run. A lot of people prioritize the link quantity over link quality and lose both ultimately.

Therefore, instead of committing this SEO mistake, focus on the quality. Choose internal links that offer quality so that the audience comes back to your website.

  • Not putting efforts in curating content

Another SEO mistake is creating low-quality content to save money and thinking that the description and tags will save the website. When you do not put much effort into the content it shows to the audience ultimately.

Moreover, the good quality content also becomes worthy of getting linked to other websites. Therefore, it is important to put the effort into curating link-worthy content.

  • Letting go of great design ideas for links

Most of the time, you settle with the regular design or the design that you have seen on another website. This is one of the SEO mistakes that you can make as the audience likes seeing unique and different designs.

Also, a design can become your style and improve your website’s image. That is why it is important to keep your website’s design catchy. It can solely make many other websites link your landing page in their content.

There are two types of SEO; namely online SEO and offline SEO. Both types are important to be worked upon to have a better chance at growth and to target a wider audience. This also helps in improving your social media appearance on the search portals.


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