What’s the Best Way for Brands to Use Instagram Video

It’s the modern age, where everything has moved to a small 6-inch screen and so, dies the brands. Almost every brand has a social media account and is using Instagram for business. Everyone wants to increase Instagram followers to create a better image.
The changing trends make people or customers go through these accounts and check their content. This is one of the many reasons to create good quality content and make Instagram videos that attract the audience.

Why Video Marketing on Instagram?

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a hundred words”, similarly a video is worth a hundred pictures. Creating videos for Instagram is one of the best ways of doing marketing on Instagram. To help you understand better, below are some of the benefits of the video content:


You can make Instagram videos in different time frames as there are many options. Stories allow you to post a 15-sec video, whereas in the reels you can post a video that is up to 30 sec long. In the profile feed, you can post a video that is 1 minute long and for longer videos, there is the IGTV option. With these many time limits, you can try and test your creativity to the fullest and make the most of your content.

Can be creative

There is literally no limit while creating videos for Instagram. You can let your creativity out and use the different filters and edit your videos to suit your requirements. There are many stickers and other engagement driving CTAs that you can use to make your videos interactive. With the different ratio preferences, you can post both horizontal and longitudinal created videos through your business account. All these features, allow the creative heads to acquire the worth of the efforts they put in creating the video content.


Another great factor of using video content on Instagram for marketing is that it is highly affordable. Also, it is comparatively less costly than the other platforms. This provides a huge benefit to the business profiles as they can save a lot on advertising and target the audience as much as they can. Using Instagram for business, thus, becomes pocket-friendly and highly impactful providing all the benefits that you can get through other platforms.

Tips for video creation

After you know, why videos are an important part of marketing, let’s talk about some Instagram video tips. These tips will help you to create better video content for your business account.

Product introduction

Show off your products, not just through good photographs but also through video content. If you have seen, a lot of brands put their product in photos and videos both to make the product clearer for their audience. Creating videos for Instagram can help you provide information about your products in a better way which drives more conversions.

Tutorial videos

In the last few years, tutorial videos have gained so much love and appreciation from the users online. It is also a psychological factor, when people see the process video, they tend to have more trust in the product or art. Many aspiring users can also learn a thing or two from these tutorial videos. Therefore, create a tutorial video for Instagram if your process can also be recorded to get more attention from your audience.


BTS, the short for Behind The Scenes, is one of the highly appreciated videos. The audience likes when the business profiles keep the process and things clear and shown in the frontline. That is why make Instagram videos that show the behind the scene processes that take place in your business. It keeps the faith of your customers in your products, and more and more audiences will try to utilize your products or services.

Interactive Videos

Use stickers and CTAs to increase the engagement of your stories or video content. Ask questions from your audience in order to get valuable feedback. This also helps you in understanding your audience and the kind of product or services they like more. With this knowledge, you can improve or provide better assistance to your customers and through your video content on Instagram.

Review Videos

The reviews given by your customers can make a really great compiled video or videos that you can put on your Instagram stories. Using Instagram for business can help you build a brand this way. Reviews are considered to be unbiased when it comes from the people who have used your products or services. It also improves the credibility of your profile. Also, when you post one video, more customers will send you their videos as well increasing the engagement of your business account.

This is all that you need to know about the required things to make Instagram videos. Why are videos considered to be a better promotional activity and how can you get the most out of them have all been discussed in the points above.


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