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We all know PPC or pay-per-click marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques that help to increase online traffic and targeting the right audiences across the web. The tons of benefits are the only reason why this marketing program is higher in demand, compared to other digital marketing methods.

However, some people still hesitate to reach out to a PPC marketing company in Delhi, or any other region and follow this tactic to grab business opportunities. This is because of a few myths associated with this practice.

Is it good to believe in every myth you hear? Probably, they are made so that you won’t find the right way to meet your marketing goals.

Today, in this article, we will talk about the myths that you should avoid when you are aiming at a marketing benefit. Let’s discuss this in detail!

Top 5 PPC marketing myths to avoid for your business

Top position means high conversions: Many people believe that achieving the top position on search results triggers high conversions. This is completely a wrong concept. Your position or placement of your ad doesn’t influence your conversion rate. Rather there are several factors including ad content and CTAs, that stimulate the visitors to turn up as customers.

Attaining the top position on search results improves the brand visibility to the right audience. You can only build a strong exposure for your brand and make it eligible for reaching out to the targeted audience.

Getting the top placements and high visibility can improve the click-through rates of the brand. Being at the top, people tend to click on the ad, finding it more reliable for their queries.

Make use of generic keywords for better engagement:

Next in the list is the use of generic keywords. Generic keywords are nothing but broad match type keywords that can drive high search traffic volume to the site. Advertisers believe by using broad match type keywords it is easier to reach out to the right audience and meet the marketing goal. Another very wrong concept to avoid!

The more you choose broad match or generic keywords, you are expanding your brand to the audience who may or may not be interested in your ad. These keywords usually appear in short terms grabbing the attention of a large audience irrespective of their relevancy. For example, winter gloves.

Generic keywords may drive in a huge audience. But there is no guarantee that all of them are relevant to the brand. Therefore, to find the right targeted audience, it is necessary to choose long-tail keywords or exact match keywords that specifically target the potential clients.

Your budget impacts your search engine rankings:

The budget you have crafted for your PPC campaign impacts a lot in its performance. Of course, it has a lot to do with your search engine rankings. But that doesn’t mean it is only the budget that should be focused on.

Other key factors that are responsible for influencing the search engine rankings are – ad copy or ad content, the powerful CTA, ad extensions, landing pages, targeted keywords, and quality score.

No matter how much you can spend for your bidding, if the above-mentioned factors are good, you can definitely attain a good position on your search results.

It’s good to stick to Google for PPC campaigns:

You should only stick to Google if you are planning to run your PPC ad campaigns. Nothing is better than this platform. Do you also believe that Google is the only search engine to run a successful PPC campaign? This is nothing but a myth that people accept.

Like Google, there are many other PPC platforms that allow advertisers to showcase their brand through engaging ads. For example, Microsoft of Bing Ads, Facebook, AdRoll, LinkedIn, Yahoo Gemini, Amazon, Twitter, and many more. Like Google, millions of users are found on these platforms. Hence, choosing one among them can be of great advantage.

Anyone can manage a PPC campaign:

Lastly, the myth that remains unsolved is PPC doesn’t require an expert for its management. Believing this, many marketers try to handle their PPC campaign by their own team and end up with a failure.

PPC management requires expert hands to bring accurate results. Remember, running a campaign and bringing desired results is not an easy job. You need to learn the basic techniques and tools and create a rank-driven strategy to draw in huge traffic and build conversions. Without expert knowledge, it is hard to find the resources that actually help in managing a PPC campaign.

Even if you have a low budget, we will suggest seeking the help of the experts and enjoy the advantages.


PPC or pay-per-click marketing is not a bad concept. Even if it is costlier than other marketing practices like SEO, SMO, etc. it should be considered as one most rewarding concepts for digital marketers.

You can find a digital marketing agency for small businesses and share your PPC requirements. The best thing is the experts know how to design a PPC marketing strategy within budget. Just follow them!


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