11 Ways to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Every business owner wants to get more online positive reviews from consumers. It helps with brand trust, rankings, and having the edge over the competitors. One review can help to boost your search rankings. Furthermore, reviews are more important for your business because it is crucial for your customers. Because most of the clients take market decisions from the other consumers’ reviews.

Social media is an excellent marketing strategy to validate your products, services, and company. Generally, social proof is not an easy marketing strategy, but getting a little bit of positive validation is more fitness on your end. However, it can be challenging to stand out in such an intensely competitive business environment, but Austin SEO company is essential to make your brand creative online. Here we discuss some best ways to encourage consumers for feedback.

Achieve your best social proof for your product

The best way to gain social proof is by getting customer reviews for your brand. Moreover, to get more customers and have a high retention rate. You have to target some consumers and achieve some positive reviews from them. With the best survey, your product will:

  • Influence other consumers
  • Give reliable facts about your products
  • Your company get high rank on google
  • Increase traffic

Encourage your consumers to review your business

Firstly, you have to focus on customer experiences. It is essential to cause happy customers to give you a positive review. Sometimes, you get more positive feedback, and your consumers are satisfied, but you still do not get more traffic. In this situation, Austin SEO companies will help you achieve enhanced traffic, leads, or rankings.

11 Ways to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

However, it doesn’t matter what business you have like, salon, hotels, real estate, boutique, etc. Publishing the opinion of customers of your brands is significant. Because a little positive review will help you boost your site’s SEO and increase your site’s web traffic. Moreover, reviews are an essential part of climbing up with the ranking.

But how can you encourage people to write a review? Here we discuss 11 ways for your small business, and that has proven to work well.

  • Give them lots of options and platforms for reviews

Expand some options for consumers to leave reviews. Every time a consumer doesn’t need to give their feedback on your business website. But, it is excellent if you are using more platforms or advertise your brands on social media. Make yourself available on every platform which uses people on a daily basis.

Nowadays, most people are habituated to use social media sites. Make sure to add your brand page in every seat and get more than 1 million people who can visit your page. With the help of this definitely, you will increase the traffic of your website. If you don’t know about this marketing, digital marketing agency Austin will help your business make a mark online.

     2. Directly ask them about your review

The best way to encourage people to ask about the review of your service and products directly. This is the easiest way, or you can ask in every email if you are on the customer support team. Once the transaction is completed online, verbally ask them to please leave a review here; we would love to hear your feedback.

11 Ways to Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

     3. Create an easy way

Customers are not giving you positive feedback easily. If they get any negative experience, they are running in their minds, and they instantly put a review. In addition, you have to put one link which directly opens a review page of your website. You can include a link for an email asking for feedback. If the link turns them to a review page, that enhances the customer’s chances of leaving a review.

    4. Incentive

Your site may be penalized from lists when they find you are paying consumers for reviews. But, you can offer incentives such as cookies, cold drinks or visit cafe cards, etc. It is perfectly acceptable for more reviews.

    5.Social media

Facebook, Twitter, you can ask your fans and followers about your brand reviews. SEO Company Austin Tx will build an effective way to increase the volume of reviews.

     6. Thank you

This word, Thank you can achieve success in your company. It is a crucial phase of customer service. Because outstanding customer service directly doubled your revenue. Say Thank you to the customer directly on that platform where they leave their reviews. It also helps you increase SEO.

   7. Customer review platform

Everyone knows consumer reviews are mandatory for every business. There are various customer software reviews in the market to manage online feedback. One of the most is the Clutch, Podium, Review tracker, and real-time review. Ensure to provide these platforms and get a more positive review.

    8. Use a survey

Some people are not interested in giving reviews, or maybe some are not good at typing. So, in this case, an online survey is excellent. So, it is straightforward to interact with email campaigns or social media marketing strategy.

  9. Put the accurate pictures for social proof.

Accurate pictures can attract more people. With the view, give a brief description. So people can get an idea about your exact product. Consumers are willing to ask something about your company and give you an opinion about your service and product.

   10. Send push message

If you are enrolled in a digital loyalty card, you can directly message consumers after visiting your store or site. Ask them nicely to leave a message and offer them small incentives for the next rewards.

   11. Offering live chats

Live chats improve your timely response and add customer value. If you have limited staff, then you are not available 24/7. It is a good idea to set your hours and offers when you are not available for instant chat.

It gives benefits:

  • Increase your response time
  • helping people in real-time
  • Track questions and develop your FAQ’s


Keep engaging and active on social media. Many opinions can raise your Google rank and make it more accessible for customers to find you. Make sure your profile has on different platforms where customers can give their opinion. Digital Company offers local SEO services and digital marketing solutions.


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