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Most probably SEO Business starts with the idea of being your own boss. Then that thought another one got success. No matter what you bought on the way of starting an SEO business, it makes down to this question: Are you intending to give it your 1000%?

The last, not the least thing you want to happen is to start an SEO business and end up with a half-baked venture and a string of unhappy clients.

You Need to Start an SEO Business Everything

Most of the time, in the beginning, it is a bit difficult, as they say. But, the first you understand the basics of how to start an SEO business, the smooth-sailing the next steps will be for your SEO agency.

In this lesson, we will lay down the requirements for starting your SEO agency.

Are You Looking to Run Your Own Agency?

If you honestly and cheering answered yes, there’s nothing that will stop you to continue reading until the very end of this guide.

But, if your answer is no, that’s okay. We’ll help you get there.

Truly, no one is ever ready to start an SEO business. except for the ever-changing SEO business or industry, you have to think about it. That is all is a learning process.

Keep Mind Your SEO Work Methodology

Your SEO strategy companies are doing the same thing. Yes and no.

While doing on-page optimization,  off-page optimization or link building, and content marketing are the common strategies for ranking websites, each SEO agency has a different approach for their clients. All these depend on their SEO  tactic or methodology. There is one thing that you need to define for your agency.

In this lesson, we will dive into how you can build the foundation for your SEO and establish your expertise.

Try to Develop Your Core SEO Methodology

It’s not about doing what Google updates or what google says; it’s doing as Google rankings.

Your SEO core methodology is a pinpoint of expertise and strategies that ultimately provide value to SEO businesses and their target clients.

Outsource or In-house?

As an SEO Business consultant then transitioning into a full-time digital marketing agency means establishing your expertise or experience. This doesn’t matter you have to master everything on your own.

There are two ways to establish expertise: build you’re outsourcing the work to experts or in-house team of experts.

Study About Project Management

One thing you know SEO is a never-ending project. Unlike web design that’s a one-off project, you have to continuously optimize a client’s project to make it rank. That is calls for learning project management so that you can manage expectations, tasks, and challenges – when you become a larger SEO business agency – manage your team.

Marketing Your SEO Agency or Company

Marketing SEO services and your company or agency is about positioning yourself as an SEO service provider of choice for businesses looking to grow their digital presence. This means one thing, practice what you preach.

Think of it this path: your will businesses trust your SEO agency if they can’t even find you on Google? Highly unlikely.


On-page optimization improvements

Do a quick inspection of your website and see what you need to improve. Do the pages target the interests of your buyer personas at their stage of the buyer’s journey? Is the website loading at optimal speed? Does the site navigation support user experience?


Off-page initiatives

Link building can go hand in hand with your on-page improvements. As your SEO agency’s website is slowly getting organic traffic by on-page optimization, building links can provide you with referral traffic to boost authority to top pages.



The next boost to your SEO performance is having reviews on top review sites and on your actual website. Be active in asking your clients to review your SEO agency or company, but do this without being too forceful. Each and single review should come from the people’s side you must have a professional relationship with to attest to your agency’s reliability, work ethic, and integrity.

Use Social Media Platforms

If you don’t have a social media page, it’s time to create one. As SEO Businesses you must spend 6 hours on social media per week, with Facebook And Instagram being the most popular platform they use to stay active.

Unique Content Marketing

Optimize your website’s unique content around the intent of your buyer personas. submit into Google Search Console and look at the queries your website is getting. Choose terms with high search volume and create topics for you according to content around these.

Google Ads & Social Media Ads (Paid Ads)

Using paid ads to get instant traffic for a highly targeted audience. Paid ads can supplement your SEO efforts that will give immediate results, as this puts your SEO agency in front of people who have the highest intent of working with an SEO company.

Sell Your SEO Services

Even if you are an experienced SEO agency or company specialist, having the sell SEO services can make a huge difference between a successful agency and one that’s barely making the cut.

Everything heats down to defining your SEO sales process.

Find Your Pure Clients

Finding pure clients connected with your inbound and outbound initiatives that we have discussed in the previous lesson. The more visible your SEO agency is, the more opportunities you have of connecting to SEO businesses that need SEO services.

Qualify Your Leads

Qualifying your quality and leads allow you to target the right prospects based on four factors: Budget, Need, Authority, and Timeframe (BANT). These factors entail whether your prospect can afford your services, has a definite need for your expertise, has the power to make decisions, and is ready to buy from you.

Pitch to Your SEO Prospects

A strong SEO pitch is a combination of a great amount of prep, an SEO proposal that sells itself, and a good rapport with your prospect.

Maintain Your Business Continuity and Operations

One major challenge of most SEO business startup agencies or companies is not having the cadence to run their operations. The lack of the best possible processes, in turn, affects their bottom line or way.

Aligning Sales with Fulfillment

While it’s attractive to get as many clients on board with your SEO agency, it’s necessary to think of your operational capabilities. Remember that you’re operating as a new startup that means your resources and manpower are limited to what’s available to you in the meantime.

Avoid the Talent Trap

Most SEO agencies or companies that are new most probably have a limited number of heads in their team a team of two or five at most.

Build Processes on Level

This relates to avoiding the talent trap. Your SEO agency or companies should be process-driven.

Developing processes helps you avoid being too dependent on talent and provides you with defined steps that your team can follow on autopilot in that SEO business…


While the steps to starting your SEO business or agency may feel like an uphill battle, the result of all the work can be worth the effort. All the learnings that come with the changing digital marketing landscape, as well as the SEO businesses you can help along the way, make your work as an SEO agency And digital marketing more than fulfilling.


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