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As you all know 95% of people using social media platforms. The world’s first popular social media platform is known as Facebook. If you look in past 2004 when Facebook launched. Facebook brought the idea to connect people, friends, family widely and it happens. But people even think that upcoming time social media updates that much. Nowadays social media platforms become marketing hubs, an easy way to share content, image, video, and links. Being a social media marketer Now how you build your social media marketing strategy. 


Aim what you want to get out of social media


Building a social media strategy is a business kind of planning. make aim in your mind according to exactly what you want to pick out by hard work. While scheduling and building your social media marketing strategy, you have the main reason to use social networks for business to increase brand awareness, lead generating, boost traffic to your website, enhance revenue, provide customer service and increase PR. Most probably people focus on two parts brand awareness and brand presence because these activities can boost your site traffic and leads also enhance your global reach and conversations regarding your brand on social media. Thus increase your brand visibility.    


Your motive is to increase your brand visibility to get a huge amount of followers, follow you so that you can reach more and more potential customers. But it is not that easy. If you are working with the correct mindset and amazing to get “millions” of followers on your social media platform. If you will be able to make it possible then the other settled brands would struggle.   


Find your targeted audience   


If you want to find potential auditions first you have to know what your users are getting engaged in and what you are serving to them. And if a user comes to your account and are you serving the same thing as the other marketers doing. When you make a business plan for marketing you should have to work with the plan. So you have to plan in the right way what your user is actually looking for. So how you will find them first you have to know interest, what is their profession, how old are they, their location, Gender, what type of quarry they are looking for. 

If your user asks you the question try to reply as quickly as you can and resolve their quarries. Make an understanding post with less text post the relevant link where your audience collects your product information.  



Review the competition


If you are planning to build your social media marketing strategy you have to check the competition on your niche and what exactly you are working for.  First do not try to copy your competitor who is looking on the top of your competitor is working for the same niche. Try to perform on channels that world for your business and make your performance better.  Check what type of content working and the type of content users are avoiding. And yes do not make your user bored by your content, put something interesting. Pinch to your customers to ask the questions to you so that they can engage with you more and more.   Serve the good return text and check you your user getting involved or not if not put the video link in your content. I am 100% sure that your user will be involved for a long period. That will increase your conversion rate and engagement to overcome the competition.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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    Your passion for your subject is evident.

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